Who do I think I am?

PETA folks create vulgar campaigns using Jesus and parallels animal cruelty to slavery. War protesters scream and shout at our soldiers, spit in their faces and mistreat them upon arriving home safely to their families from a war. Bush protesters called him the Antichrist and used foul language and explicit imagery on clothing. Where was the outrage and the name calling?  Where was the government’s and media’s label of extremists? Is there such a thing as Left-Wing Extremists, or are there just Right-Wing Extremists? With all this talk about fairness I am left a little confused regarding this double standard in behavior and hypocritical satire.

So, who do I think I am to believe in Truth, Justice and the American Way?

I am just a mom, trying to raise a boy into a man. Men seem to be scarce these days.


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