My Issue With Race

Race continues to be a problem in this country because its never been honestly addressed. Whites are too busy feeling guilty, and Blacks are too busy taking advantage of it. Racism is everywhere. Unless you are a minority, you have no idea just how effected you can be based upon your race. I, myself, have lost a job do to discrimination and have taken the necessary actions to document the crime; however, I am also the last person to play the race card because sometimes things in life just aren’t fair.

Why is there not a 13th Amendment celebration during Black History Month? I would bet the average black person has no idea what the 13th Amendment says, more or less understands its impact on their life. Black History Month is dedicated to focusing on all the struggles that blacks have endured, and never focuses on the means by which their triumphs were made possible. We now celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., yet the society that he has so long dreamed of does not honor him. Instead, they are submerged in gangster rap and maintain the highest percentage of children born out of wedlock. Prison incarceration rates skyrocket just as their communities are being controlled by drugs.

The so-called black leaders are out living in their million dollar homes secured in gated communities while our people are struggling. If we were serious about dissolving race issues we would properly educate society on these issues that divide us.

Why is Abraham Lincoln not acknowledged during Black History Month? I may have seen his picture flash for a second on a commercial once or twice, but if not for Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party, this letter would not exist. How many black people know they owe their freedom to the Republican Party? How many black people understand that the party they swear loyalty to is the same party that spent decades oppressing them?

You see, slavery still exists today. Maybe not traditionally, in the sense of forced labor and shackles, but slavery has now manifested in the form of mental oppression and the neglect of individual rights.

DC Rugrats

When I think about politicians and the staff that work for them, it makes me picture the Rugrats.

If you are unfamiliar with this Nickelodeon program it is about a bunch of overgrown babies running around breaking all the rules and making messes that they have no intention to clean up. They are a bunch of boobs that can’t seem to grow up even though in their imaginations they are risk takers and great adventurers. These delusions eventually come to an end after a lot chaos and a disaster that someone else has to come along and clean up after they have had their fun.

Unfortunately, the Nicktoons ultimately learn from their mistakes and adhere to the moral of the story while the DC versions simply continue to throw fits, constantly one up each other while trying to keep up with the Joneses. They lose sight of the story, and so goes the moral of it. Then, the people are left to fend for themselves and are charged to clean up after the disasters they have enthusiastically created.

Yep, that about sums up politics today.