Talking with Liberals

Liberals love to debate by asking you a question, cutting you off, connect it to something rediculous to try and make you look stupid, laugh about it and try to dismiss the explanition and move to the next topic.

Let’s not see why you have the opinions you have, let’s just dismiss them because it’s easier to hear more of what best suits our flawed ideology. l could have provided them with a list of policies that are on the table, that could be put in place and effective now. But, they have so much fun thinking that they get the best of a tea party person and I really don’t expend energy in those areas. I will have my laugh in November 2010, and 2012. I’m patient like that.


Today, I actually heard black people say that there are some people that shouldn’t be liberated (because of culture or some junk like that). Thank God there are SOME people who agree that people should be treated as human beings. Otherwise, black people would be treated and beaten as stray dogs today. Oh, and let’s not forget it took a WAR to put that in motion.Talk about disconnected. :-/

More talk of Obama’s landslide election of Hope and Change…blah blah. They didn’t like to hear that real effective democracy is on the way. They cannot accept that 62% of people now think the country is going in the wrong direction. Can it be that Mr. Hope and Change is a dud? No, of course not. It’s because Republicans are obstructing Obama’s ability to do his job. LMAO Um, yeah that’s what it is. Republicans don’t want more stimulus. They don’t want Cap & Tax. They don’t want national health care. They don’t want additional taxes and spending. They don’t want to lose the frist and second amendment. How is that that the effecticve governing right now is coming from a group who is in the MINORITY?

The praise of the presidents historical campaign fund raising was historical was an example that was stated to confirm that democracy has been effective. But, they failed to mention that it was also historical that a lot of those funds were from terrorist organizations. Hmmm.

A praise was given to the president for getting some dough out of BP, but didn’t mention that that dough is going to unemployment NOT the gulf coast people. Maybe that part didn’t make it to CNN.

And, the messiah has finally shown his lack of experience as an executive. Howerver, he has shned as a celeberity. Concerts, golfing, dinners, theater, etc… The entire country is in chaos.

Commander in Chief? Commander in Grief, need I say more?