Overpaid Consultants Lashing Out, Losing to Grassroots

In my personal response HERE to the recent made up charges that I attacked a disabled veteran (which was major spin), I feel like sharing. Not that the Dewhurst campaign is known for their honesty, but I digress…

 I thought I would share the back story.

First, you have my personal assesment of the 2011 Legislative Session.

Then, I was one of the first that invited Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to a grassroots debate. One of the firstout of 35 that he blew off. At that time, personally I was supporting Lela Pittenger and she was the only Senate candidate that ever spoke at my grassroots meeting. However, we invited them all.


Also, this is where the infamous “Have You Seen Me” milk carton made its debut from a grassroots activist in Plano, TX.

Now, you add up all of the grassroots participation and support from across the state and you get a runoff! The Texas Senate seat is not for SALE!

A formal debate invitation from the Grassroots Texans Network was sent via certified mail to both campaigns and both were received with only one acceptance, Ted Cruz.

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