How Dewhurst Killed the TSA Anti-Groping Bill

But, according to senators on the floor at the time, rather than directly confront Patrick, Dewhurst quietly asked Austin Democrat Kirk Watson to line up “NO” votes—while Patrick was busy laying out the bill. When the bill went down, Dewhurst clumsily tried to place the blame on Watson, but an angry Patrick—whose own instincts rarely let him down—saw through the subterfuge and immediately went on the attack. – Texas Monthly 07/01/2011

David Dewhurst Scrubs State Website of Amnesty Support

In a Texas Tribune post HERE, David Dewhurst and his team are caught scrubbing a speech on a taxpayer resource website that was HERE given by the Lt. Governor in support of amnesty.

David Dewhurst ran radio ads that accused former Solicitor General of Texas, Ted Cruz, of supporting amnesty. Since then, prominent Conservatives such as Mark LevinLaura Ingraham and bloggers like Erick EricksonMichelle MalkinTwitchy PoliticsBreitbartTV and many others have spoken out against such false negative campaign ads.

Here is the original speech:

Perhaps Dewhurst is having heartburn and should reconsider hiring the staff that couldn’t get Governor Rick Perry off the floor of the polls in his failed Presidential bid.