Inside Texas Politics – 06.22.14

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2 thoughts on “Inside Texas Politics – 06.22.14

  1. I heard your remarks on the radio this morning. (“On Point,” 10:00 – 10:30) Your argument epitomizes the tragic rift between our two cultures: our differences are not merely a matter of ideological polarization but of individual capacity. The capacity, that is, of individual citizens to work in concert with one another. You don’t have that capacity. Emma the fifteen-year-old from Nashville had you dead to rights: if you can’t have what you want, no one can.

    When you say that the Affordable Care Act was enacted against the will of the American people, you do not speak for most Americans.

    When you say that the Obama administration has been so dogged by scandals, its attempts to direct our attention to climate change is inappropriate, you merely demonstrate — with horrifying clarity — your preference for fiction over fact. Benghazi was an international incident, not a scandal. Climate change is a rising global crisis of unprecedented magnitude. You are the one with the smoke and mirrors, Katrina. Not the President. Not Democrats. You.

    When you claim that Democrats in Washington bow to the will of the uber-wealthy, you appear never to have heard of your own benefactors, the Brothers Koch.

    Katrina, you and your confederates need to get this straight: YOU LOST. You lost in 2008. You lost again in 2012. We, the people, elected Democrats. Responding to this reality by attempting to “deny Barack Obama a second term” is not merely irresponsible. It’s treasonous.

    • It appears that NPR must be your only source of “news” because if you had the capacity to get out of your own delusion, you would see #1.The Koch brothers are no friend to ours #2. The Obamacare “law” that’s being imposed on American’s was NOT voted on by the legislative body of the United States, therefore I do speak for all Americans. To this day Obamacare does not have the majority support from Americans. #3. Benghazi was a cover-up and it’s common knowledge now. #4. If you knew the definitions of the words that you use, you would know that my “confederates” are the patriots no more in support of slavery than you are. Or, are you?

      Treason is exactly what Obama and his administration are committing. It’s unfortunate that the Republican leadership it too weak to impeach him and put every one of his appointees on trial!

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